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Aleksei Kudrjavtsev
I teach gourmet cooking classes, work on call as a private chef, prepare food for corporate parties, consult on healthy eating, develop menus to increase libido. Compiled and prepared dinners for royal families, ministers, government, as well as popular musicians, artists and many famous businessmen. Conducted master classes in Spain and France.


Author’s kitchen

When did you start your career?

An Interview with Alex, Executive Chef

I finished culinary school in Estoniain 2000, which took about 4 years. Afterwards, I took several career courses in different countries. I studied in France, Belgium, Netherlands and the last year I was in Spain.
What is your speciality?
Oh, I like desserts! But here at the lodge I actually do everything, from bread to desserts.
Would you say it is an international cuisine?
Yeah, but mostly with local ingredients. You can find a lot of fish, a lot of reindeers and a lot of berries. Of course, I also need to add ingredients from other countries, because in the middle of nowhere you cannot find everything what you need, like root vegetables for example — at least not in winter time as there is no sun.
Do you also prepare vegan and vegetarian meals?
Yes. Guests usually tell me their preferences in a booking form. So I know when they are coming and can prepare in advance. We also have a lot of requests for dairy free and I’m also planning a lot for people who have different allergies.
What is your favourite dish you like cooking?
Actually, I like cooking vegetarian food. But it is hard to say, what I really like. One day it can be pasta, one day it can be something else like beef.
Do you also have recommendations for wine?
Yeah, I made a lot of courses with wines from different regions. I also learned from sommelier courses, so I can recommend a nice one to go with the respective dish.
When you think about other chefs, what do you think makes your kitchen/ your cooking special?
My cooking style is like a freestyle one mostly, especially in summer, when the menu is a bit lighter. Sometimes, it just comes to my mind, I see ingredients and I put them together. I have been cooking for 25 years now and I also have a lot of experience with many VIP guests. In Estonia for example, I made desserts for Queen Elisabeth and dinner for Metallica or for Prodigy. Tallin is a quite popular city for people visiting and doing concerts. I also worked in the US embassy for one year. There were so many people coming, like politicians. It was quite interesting and I learned a lot.

In Estonia for example, I made desserts for Queen Elisabeth and dinner for Metallica or for Prodigy.


Rent a chef

Contact the Chef and pick the menu you like the most. Fill in the request and the Chef will send you a proposal with different seasonal options to compose your favourite menu.
700 nok per hour

Private Cooking Lessons

Fun and interactive learning experiences designed custom for you or your kids. Molecular gastronomy, desserts, vegetarian or vegan food, etc.
The price depends on the complexity of the course and the number of people

Event Catering

Vacation rental catering, Brunches, Special Celebrations, Party Buffet, BBQs. Any where you want a private chef experience.
The price can be negotiated, depends on the wishes of the customer


Queen Elisabeth II
19.10.2006 Tallinn. Estonia. State dinner in honour of the Queen at Mustpeade Maja (House of Black Heads)
Royal family of Kuwait
15–17.01.2016 Visit North Norway
Oil minister of Saudi Arabia
July 2018 Visit North Norway
George W. Bush
Visit Tallinn 26–27.11.2006
The government of Japan
Visit Estonia 24.05.2007
Norwegian princess Marta and family
September 2010, Sola
Brian Adams
10.02–15.02.2017 Tea Lula’s birthday party. Family holiday, North Norway
Enrique Iglesias
01.12.2007 concert at Tallinn Saku Suur Hall
The Prodigy
May 2006, concert in Tallinn Suur Hall, Tallinn
Concert June 2006 in Tallinn
March 1998, Tallinn, Estonia
Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear)
March 2015, Stavanger
4032 Stavanger, Norway